Welcome to my world ..


© llpeltier  All Rights Reserved

© llpeltier All Rights Reserved

I am a writer who follows The Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg writing approach. I do not allow my inner editor to hamper my inner creative writer. Much to the dismay of my literary readers, I am not a grammar goddess.

I began writing a gratitude email in September 2012. It was with the intention of simply stating what I was thankful for in my life. What started as a daily email with six women friends — my Circle of Women — has grown to what it is today, a published blog online, read by many.

During this wonderful journey, I have written about my life happenings, my often too upfront view on events, some of my personal prose’s and being a warrior against depression. The eclectic nature of what is gifted from my heart to yours makes for never a dull day.

Most importantly, my words reflect the simplicity of what my life has come down to. When I prioritize what is important to me, my peace of mind and what my content spirit feeds on; it always comes back to “Today I am thankful”

I like the line Bette Davis says as Margo Channing in the movie All about Eve. “Fasten your seat-belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.” Thank you for joining me on this journey, my friend, buckle up and enjoy the ride. <3L

affectionately yours, Laura

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