Gratitude 10August17 Change: It’s That Easy and That Hard

The greatest gift in life is that in any moment, you can change your destiny. Maybe it’s a life situation, your health, a job, or accomplishing a goal.

It all begins with a decision to make a change.

The planning may take time, the reaching of your goal may take work once you decide on it, however, once you make that decision — your life is never the same.

In that split second you declare yourself a new being. You become more mindful.

I keep this in mind every day. 

Today is a new day. Today I will be a better me. Today I have new opportunities.

I keep this in mind throughout my day.

I will go for a walk. I will call someone I love. I will focus on my goals.

I keep this in mind every minute.

I will get off the couch. I will not spend as much time on social media. I will read for thirty minutes instead.

Make the decision to do something different. One change. It does not have to be big. One small difference today makes tomorrow’s outlook very different.

In the words on one of my favorite women, Eleanor Roosevelt, “I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.”

Today I am thankful

  • My grandson got his driving permit this week. I am a very proud and frightened 😱grandma.
  • I am finally getting some serious writing done. There is nothing worse than staring at the computer stuck on stupid.
  • I was able to splurge a little at the grocery store. I never take that for granted. I am always conscious of what I need and what I want. When I get some of what I want — I am grateful.

Make no mistake, change isn’t always easy. I am researching change and habits in an efforts to realign some areas of my life. I am rereading a book I will tell you about in the near future.

What is key, I am learning, is declaring that intent to change. It’s that easy and that hard.

affectionately yours, Laura