Gratitude 2August17 Social Media Detox 

I have been slowly weaning myself from my social media sites. I am going on my second week. It has been painful and awkward, to say the least.

I have had a few days of anxious pacing with long loving looks at my laptop and cell phone.

There were several irritable outbursts. And the worst, resisting the urge to post what I am doing and seeing.

I primarily use my social media for interaction with family and friends. I have a small world on both Facebook and Instagram. I prefer it that way.

I like the pictures, memes, recipes, and hearing the latest happenings in people’s lives.

It is a gateway for me to people I care about and value their friendship.

My preening back has been more about time management and the daunting habit it has become.

My reality check came as I was planning out a daily schedule for writing and research times for myself. Evaluating my daily actions, it occurred to me I was checking my sites when I woke up and before I went to bed.

In between, I was posting a good morning to the world. Often a repost of a post that Facebook kindly puts on my timeline to remind me of what I posted on that day the past two years. Maybe a commentary on the crazy political tsunami of that day, where I went with the grandkids, and maybe a few posts from Pinterest.

Also, I was reading and catching up on everyone else’s lives on what they were doing with their day. And most were duplicating some if not all of the patterns I did. That is Facebook etiquette and our social norm on the site without us realizing it.

Insert long sigh here and a head scratch while muttering “What the hell?”

It all adds up to minutes in a day. Without much cognitive thought, a lot of minutes a day. That is Facebook’s job — it is how they make their money — to keep us online and active.

For me personally, especially with depression, social media has made me lazy in the relationship department. When I can get the scoop from the comfort of my blue chaise, I lose the motivation to reach out and get out into the world.

Rather than a comment on Facebook, I want to get back to picking up the phone, to hear a voice. Instead of pictures, I want to take the time to get in my car and drive over and see folks.  #goals

It is about creating time in your day to do that. That hard look at what are your priorities. Without thought, I have given social media and a keyboard too high of a ranking in my list of what matters in my life.

Today I am thankful

  • I am in a serious battle with fruit flies at my home. So far: Fruit Flies 2 Laura 0
  • I want to bid adieu to my trusty Wii console, Wiilma. We have been together since Christmas 2008. She has faithfully seen me through many days of struggling on my Wii Fit. She is being replaced today, but, never forgotten.
  • I am looking forward to a busy weekend. A women’s event at the Minnesota State Capitol, and time with family and friends.

img_6380Now, you’ll notice I didn’t say anything about Pinterest. “Hello. My name is Laura. I am a Pinterest Gangster addict.” I am not anywhere near dealing with my Pinterest jones. One challenge at a time.

I figure there will be plenty of time to be online when Minnesota old man winter comes calling in a few short months. For now, I am going to tighten it up some.

affectionately yours, Laura

**My blogs will continue to automatically post on Facebook when I publish on WordPress.


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