Gratitude 1August17 Coloring Well

Welcome, August! I feel like I blinked and two-thirds of the summer flew by.

Life has slowed down for me this summer. My focus has been intent on day-to-day living and current life events. I have been taking each day and doing the best I can.

I have written about coloring outside the lines in the past. Being creative and going outside of your comfort zone. Searching for new adventures on the horizon, pressing the boundaries of the norm.

I think that is good, sometimes.

I am finding it is also just as powerful to simply color well within the lines. To creatively live your life and be content in your comfort zone. It is alright to not always be searching. It is okay to be alright with the norm.

Today I am thankful

  • Time with a treasured friend today. Thank you.
  • Paperwork and budget are done. Yuck, I dread that monthly.
  • This weather is truly something to be thankful for. It is beautiful out.
  • Those I love. I am sending love into the universe to you.

I might get a call to turn-in my “Color Outside The Lines” membership card. I think what is important, is where ever you are coloring, to use all of your colors. Meaning, don’t become complacent within the lines.

Happy Coloring, my friends!

affectionately yours, Laura