Gratitude 16July17 Belly Dancing Moves

I am a bit shaken up.

All resulting from an unfortunate encounter with my hassock, WiiFit board, and living room wall.

This whole situation started because of a posting on about Belly Dancing.

Seeing that got me thinking about a friend who is a great belly dancer.

With her encouragement, I accomplished one of my bucket list items and belly danced at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Tonight, after a glass of wine and rewatching my memories, The wine said: “Laura, I bet you don’t remember any of your moves.” Challenge accepted.

I dug out my belly dancing scarf, threw on some funky jewelry for effect, and Spotify music.

Shakira would have been impressed. As the song says “my hips did not lie.” Okay. The wine maybe could have said that, too. I was having a blast and shaking my coins until my unfortunate stumble.

You see, what happened was I got carried away with the whole coin shaking thing.

On the scarf you tie at your hips, are coins. As you shake your hips, they make these delightful melodic noises. I got to shaking my hips, listening to the sound and BAM.

It all happened quickly as falls do. Over the hassock compounded with a baby toe stub, major trip on the Wii Fit board, reach for the wall to steady myself, misjudge distance and slide down the wall.

Holler from next door neighbor, “You alright over there?” “Everything’s fine” as I checked for a concussion and broken bones.

Today I am thankful

  • A life lesson, one stumble should not stop the joy of the dance.
  • Beautiful summer day.
  • Many summer events are happening.
  • My favorite summer dress with flip flops.

Life is one adventure after another. I just might look into novice belly dancing classes again.

My belly dancing moves were soothed by soaking in Epson salts, and ibporphen is my friend.

To my belly dancing friend wherever you are, I am sending you love, good wishes, and always the joyful sound of shaking coins on your skirt.

affectionately yours, Laura

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