Gratitude 11July17 My Safe Place

SiReNJuLy2008A dear lifelong friend of mine and her husband owned a cabin in Wisconsin for many years. Countless wonderful memories were made there that will be treasured for the rest of my life.

There was a spot up there, that became my “safe” place — literally and metaphorically — their dock. It wasn’t an extraordinary dock, just your typical wooden one that docked boats and folks fished off.

When I visited them, I liked to go during the week when no was around. I could have my friends all to myself. On the weekends, they were in high demand.

My favorite thing was to go out on the dock, listen to my music, watch the boats go by, write, daydream, and hang out. I saw many sunrises, high noons, and sunsets sitting on that dock.

It was really quite serene. I felt such peace and so safe in that spot. My friends were always the kindest of hosts and allowed me my space.

Often in therapy, as a tool, they will tell you, when you need respite, to go to your safe place. A metaphoric place you create in your mind that you can meditate on or focus on to soothe you and calm you.

When you go to that place, you identify one thing from each of your five senses.

Tonight, without cognitive thought, I went to my safe place in my thoughts, as I often do. I was back on the dock. In the serene setting of the calm lake while the sunset.

The sound of the water on the shore. The feel of the breeze. The smell of the lake water. The beauty of the colors of the sky. The taste of wine on my tongue.

Today I am thankful

  • I was blessed. I didn’t have to create a safe place. I have a memory of one I will never forget.
  • The gift of friends and memories.
  • Breakfast with someone I adore today.
  • A busy computer and reading day.
  • I am enjoying a breeze coming in through my windows. Awesome sleeping weather.

The first place I went after I hugged my friends was the dock, and the last place I visited before I left was the dock. My safe place.

One time my friend’s husband asked her, “What’s she doing out there?” They’ll never know. Rumors of topless sunbathing, however, may have merit.

affectionately yours, Laura