Gratitude 7July17 Reverse Bucket List

On my Pinterest site, I have a Bucket List board. I frequently add to it and scan it. Being a dreamer, I often have to adjust a few with my reality. An example would be climbing Mount Everest when I have an increase in heart rate going up in an elevator. Probably not a good idea.

I will often copy one or two of my bucket list pictures then post them on my Instagram to motivate me to achieve them. Recently I did achieve several, so it does help.

reverse bucket listI recently read an article that looked at Bucket Lists in a different light.

It looked at Bucket Lists as a way of listing all that you have to be grateful for in your life by creating a Reverse Bucket List.

You go through your life and list all you have accomplished. If you are like me, you might think, “That’s not much.” But once you begin documenting, remembering, and giving yourself credit for accomplishments — you will come away in awe and filled with gratitude.

Ideas I started with were; life roles, where I lived, visited, education, livelihood, activism, health challenges, exercise accomplishments, goals, successes


Today I am thankful

  • I am still smiling from time with friends last night
  • I keep singing a song I sang to my babies. A good memory.
  • A wonderful breeze coming in my window.
  • It is always a good feeling to have a day at home writing and reading a good book.

This exercise in gratitude left me feeling content. I think we do focus so much on the future that we forget to appreciate all of the positive things that we have accomplished.

Have a delightful weekend. Stay healthy and safe in the heat.

affectionately yours, Laura