Gratitude 29June17 Pennies From Heaven

When I was little, my Granny told me a story that when you are missing someone who has gone to heaven, an angel sends down a penny for you to find. It was the angel’s way of letting you know your special person is thinking of you, too. She told me to never pass up a penny I found.

img_5815Yesterday, as I walked out of my writing group, I found a penny on the sidewalk. I was really excited because it was facing heads up, meaning it was mine to find. Finding one always comes as a welcome and happy surprise.

Greek mythology believed that metals, and especially copper had unique properties. It is one of the oldest metals to be used by man. Copper was thought to ward off evil spirits and attract love. Copper was used for making coins.

Historically, finding a penny is associated with good luck. It is a sign that the heavens are raining good fortune upon you. It is also thought that even though a penny is just one-cent, it still adds to your fortune!

Today I am thankful

  • Thinking about those who have gone before me today.
  • Very content to be at home.
  • I am excited about an event tonight at the library.

I have a crystal box on my dresser that holds coins and small trinkets I have found over the years. Every now and again, I go through it. I can’t seem to part with any of the contents. Somehow, each treasure seems lucky. Superstitious? Probably.

affectionately yours, Laura

*** revised from 25October13

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