Gratitude 5June17 Wonderful Wonder Woman

I walked out of the new Wonder Woman movie last Friday telling my grandson that I wanted to see it again.

WW 2Sunday I read I was not alone when it made history, as the female directed, female superhero movie came in at the number one spot grossing $103.4 million for the weekend. The movie opened to rave reviews, well, except for the controversy surrounding the all-female viewing parties of the film that men objected to.

The movie plot begins with Diana as a young girl. She lives on the island of Themyscira with a tribe of all-female Amazonian warriors who are training for the return of Ares the God of war. The scenes of woman-on-woman training are so empowering.


Her mother, Hippolyta, is aware of Diana’s super power gifts but does not share that with Diana because she fears that will bring Ares to her for battle. In a humorous moment of the movie, Diana shares that she believes her mother sculpted her from clay and Zeus gave her life.

The island is protected from the outside world until a World War I pilot who is a spy (Steve Trevor) penetrates the barrier and comes in contact with Diana. Enter the spark and romance.

Upon hearing about the war from the pilot, Diana believes it is her destiny to kill Ares, the warmonger, and she being pure of spirit, believes that will bring peace to the world. She leaves the island of Themyscira with Trevor holding firm to that belief.

Diana portrays Wonder Woman as not only a badass female who walks onto a battlefrontWW fight and liberates a village; she maintains a role of empathy and protector to those she seeks to save from destruction. She remains very much a wonderful wonder woman.

Diana, at five foot ten inches, was stunning in her stellar superhero outfit with a bodice and shorts. When you add her sword and shield, she is stunning.

This movie did not disappoint. It was well cast with Gal Gadot as Diana and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor rounding out the main characters. The storyline was intriguing. There was enough action for my grandson, humor, a touch of romance, and there is a surprise twist at the end. The cinematography was fascinating given the different locations of filming. The soundtrack was typical background music; nothing stood out.

I will be going to see it again, this time at the drive-in, that just seems appropriate for a summer evening. And I am left wondering, (spoiler alert) there was no proof Wonder Woman finished off Ares, could a Wonder Woman 2 be in the works? I hope so!


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