Gratitude 31May17 The Aura is Mine

I have always been interested in quantum physics and the concept that all living things emit energy. Or, their “vibe” so to speak. I began doing research on the emotional energy of an individual.

The bioenergy field or human aura is egg shaped and made of multiple layers and colors. Those that work with human energy believe within our aura is information about health, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.

My curiosity had me seeking out an aura reader. And here is my experience.

The aura imaging camera looks like an old-time camera. It is a big box, with the camera encased within it. To take the picture, I sat in front of the camera and put each of my hands on top of a box that had metal outlines for my hands.

The picture itself is a Polaroid print that takes a few minutes for it to process. As mine developed, three colors become vivid quickly and a fourth as the picture cured.

While researching, I had looked at other aura pictures, and mine was unique to any other I had seen. The colors are in symmetry with that of the seven chakras and correlate with the meaning of their locations.

Today I am thankful

  • A good day
  • I am enjoying Grace and Frankie reruns
  • My holiday tree brings me joy

My reading was surprisingly specific to my life right now. The different areas in my life like health, spirituality, He generalized on several things that I anticipated. But, overall the description was me.

affectionately yours, Laura

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