Gratitude 26May17 More Than a Long Weekend

statue of libertyMy Dad was a great storyteller. Some of my favorite stories were of my Dad sharing his World War II adventures. Every time he would recant them, he would forget a little or remember a tad more. His blue eyes would sparkle, and his hands would emphasize his highlights.

The precious memories he shared are ones that I will now be passing to my grandbabies. They are bits of history that were experienced first-hand. I was always amazed at the details he could recall. The sounds and smells that stayed with him over the years even into his old age. I used to tease him. “How can you remember that, but, forget to put in your teeth to go to church?” He said, “Laur, some things you always remember.”

My favorite story is about his trip home after the winning of World War II. After a long stormy crossing of the Atlantic, the military sailed the troops into the New York harbor.

Dad said “When we saw land and finally Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, the guys went wild. We all raced over to that side of the ship — I’m surprised the thing didn’t tip over! — I’ll never forget going by that statue and looking up, knowing I made it home safely. Still to this day, when I see it on television, I remember.”

The last time my dad shared that story with me, he reminded me that at 92 years old, “You know, there aren’t many of us World War II guys left.” And now, he too is gone.

Today I am thankful

  • The blessing of stories to pass along.
  • A content day at home doing craft projects.
  • I am smiling at pictures of my grandpuppy, Madeline.
  • I am thankful to feel content and at peace.

For some, it’s a long weekend. For some, me included this year; it brings back the memories of loved ones who have fought for and given their lives for our United States of America. For all of us, It should be a remind that freedom, is not free.

affectionately yours, Laura 

**revision from 26May14

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