Gratitude 19May17 Falling in Lust

apple computerI had to go to the Apple store at the Mall of America this week to get my cell phone fixed. While there I fell in lust with their desktop computer. It is an incredible piece of technology. It is a stand-alone machine in a 21.5″ monitor, with a blue tooth keyboard and mouse.

As I stood admiring this sleek silver machine, looking like the heart-eyed emoji, it occurred to me that I have been falling in lust often lately.

Not quite love. Just that craving of something for no good reason other than wanting it. got lustLike being at Candyland and wanting the big bag of Chicago Mix and having my kidney sodium warning alert send the message “small bag.” Or binge watching When Calls The Heart specifically to see Constable Jack Thornton.

I have a rule. For purchases I make that are not on my “I need” column, I have a 24-hour waiting rule. Right now, an Apple desktop would be one of those items. I sleep on it, let reality settle in, and make my decision. Let’s just say my 2007 eMachine is still on my desk this morning!

Today I am thankful

  • I am trying really hard to be grateful for more rain today.
  • I am excited to spend time with my long-time friend, Terri.
  • I am praying diligently for nice weather on Sunday for Grama picture day.
  • The downloading of my pictures is moving along.

The bag of popcorn is easy; Daniel Lissing is another thing. But, that’s it, right? We see things we want, and we prioritize what is doable and what is fallling in lust. But, damn, that lust is sure fun.

affectionately yours, Laura

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