Gratitude 4May17 Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

I am a graduate of Catholic grade school. There is nothing like being a second grader and having a nun in a billowing black habit shaking a long arthritic finger at you asking “Laurie, did you take the green crayon from Annie O’Neil’s crayon box? “No! Maybe! But, I needed it for my tree and I don’t have one!” And off I was sent to confession. 

To this day, I don’t like the color green. 

What is a lie? A lie is when you intentionally tell someone something that is not true.  

Today, as I watch the morning news shows, I am wondering “What about the truth?” 

My belief is that the line of what a lie is – is getting gray – quickly. What used to be clearly black and white; this is true, and that is false. Is no more.

Lies are now argued as alternate facts.

What does that say about us as individuals? And what does that say about us as a society? If indeed, we are only as trustworthy as our word; who are we when our word can not stand on its own merit.

We have begun a phase in history where we are being told to longer trust what we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears. History will not be kind to this era.

If we think building our foundation on solid rock, that being truth. We are now constructing a false dichotomy on sand. In the words of Jimi Hendrix “And so castles made of sand slips into the sea, eventually.”

Today I am thankful

  • Rumor has it another beautiful day in the forecast. 
  • I have been watching the tulips and daffodils struggle up to the surface to make their grand spring appearance.
  • Easy day. I just might take a nap this afternoon. It sounds like a plan.
  • I get to see one of my favorite people, Josh. 

I trust you – you deceived me. Who is the winner? The one who took the risk of trust and whose win is security in themselves, or the one who lies and comes away the winner of the con? 

After all, that is what a lie is in essence; trust and a con.

affectionately yours, Laura

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