Gratitude 31May17 The Aura is Mine

I have always been interested in quantum physics and the concept that all living things emit energy. Or, their “vibe” so to speak. I began doing research on the emotional energy of an individual.

The bioenergy field or human aura is egg shaped and made of multiple layers and colors. Those that work with human energy believe within our aura is information about health, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.

My curiosity had me seeking out an aura reader. And here is my experience.

The aura imaging camera looks like an old-time camera. It is a big box, with the camera encased within it. To take the picture, I sat in front of the camera and put each of my hands on top of a box that had metal outlines for my hands.

The picture itself is a Polaroid print that takes a few minutes for it to process. As mine developed, three colors become vivid quickly and a fourth as the picture cured.

While researching, I had looked at other aura pictures, and mine was unique to any other I had seen. The colors are in symmetry with that of the seven chakras and correlate with the meaning of their locations.

Today I am thankful

  • A good day
  • I am enjoying Grace and Frankie reruns
  • My holiday tree brings me joy

My reading was surprisingly specific to my life right now. The different areas in my life like health, spirituality, He generalized on several things that I anticipated. But, overall the description was me.

affectionately yours, Laura

Gratitude 26May17 More Than a Long Weekend

statue of libertyMy Dad was a great storyteller. Some of my favorite stories were of my Dad sharing his World War II adventures. Every time he would recant them, he would forget a little or remember a tad more. His blue eyes would sparkle, and his hands would emphasize his highlights.

The precious memories he shared are ones that I will now be passing to my grandbabies. They are bits of history that were experienced first-hand. I was always amazed at the details he could recall. The sounds and smells that stayed with him over the years even into his old age. I used to tease him. “How can you remember that, but, forget to put in your teeth to go to church?” He said, “Laur, some things you always remember.”

My favorite story is about his trip home after the winning of World War II. After a long stormy crossing of the Atlantic, the military sailed the troops into the New York harbor.

Dad said “When we saw land and finally Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, the guys went wild. We all raced over to that side of the ship — I’m surprised the thing didn’t tip over! — I’ll never forget going by that statue and looking up, knowing I made it home safely. Still to this day, when I see it on television, I remember.”

The last time my dad shared that story with me, he reminded me that at 92 years old, “You know, there aren’t many of us World War II guys left.” And now, he too is gone.

Today I am thankful

  • The blessing of stories to pass along.
  • A content day at home doing craft projects.
  • I am smiling at pictures of my grandpuppy, Madeline.
  • I am thankful to feel content and at peace.

For some, it’s a long weekend. For some, me included this year; it brings back the memories of loved ones who have fought for and given their lives for our United States of America. For all of us, It should be a remind that freedom, is not free.

affectionately yours, Laura 

**revision from 26May14

Gratitude 26May17 Live Brave

Manchester Memorial Stuffed Bear.jpg_6848349_ver1.0_640_360I have been watching the coverage of the bombing in Manchester. Each time I am a world witness to the trauma of a terrorist attack my heart physically aches.

Over recent years Americans have seen first-hand events of terror. Skyscrapers crumble and burn to the ground, first graders shot, and a theater of moviegoers slaughtered, to name a few. We have buried those American’s and mourned their loss.

It would be easy to begin to live your life in fear.

I refuse to. I refuse to live my life in fear and give up any moment of happiness I have a chance of living. I will not allow a terrorist or a deranged person with a weapon to deter me from my right as a human being to enjoy my life.

As we go through life during times like this, I believe it is imperative to be vigilant. To be aware of your surroundings and not with blind abandonment and disregard. While I refuse to give up my right to happiness does not mean I will not protect myself.

We must practice the habit of being aware of our environment and anything around us that is out of the ordinary, be it in our neighborhoods, our co-worker, at Target or the airport.

If you see something, report it. Error on the side of caution. Trust your gut; it is usually right.

Today I am thankful

  • I am having a hard time getting moving this morning. And I am alright with that.
  • A new book is waiting for me at the library.
  • The.Best.Grandbabies.Ever.

I want to close with a final thought. Please pray for the victims of terrorism worldwide. I can’t imagine the pain of the families and their loss.

affectionately yours, Laura

Gratitude 22May17  Disciple

DisciplineDiscipline is not my strongest attribute. If it were I would have been on time to my writing class, already have done my yoga today, and some would argue, I would be better behaved.

As I sit here writing this, I just glanced over to look at my list of things that I have to do today. I am a list maker. It is a habit of mine to keep me disciplined to make sure I get things done; I like that feeling of checking off an item as completed.

The act of being disciplined has many benefits. Although I admit, I could have argued some cons with you earlier this morning. With everything we do, we accomplish something. As we discipline ourselves to do something on a regular basis, we develop habits. Habits in turn, become a lifestyle.

There is the biblical saying “You reap what you sow.” The intent of our discipline will reflect in that. A reality check of my life barometer of my spirit, body, and peace of mind is an immediate reveal of how I am doing.

If you look at those areas of your life, it will disclose your level of discipline.

A goal for me would be to write a blog about how to achieve a disciplined life. It is not easy. If it were, I would be in my writing class; my yoga completed, and I still wouldn’t be well-behaved.

Today I am thankful

  • It is a nice day out. I consider a nice day now one with no snow or rain.
  • The lesson of letting go is one that is a continual process.
  • I am maxing out on downloading my pictures. I think sometimes you just have to be thankful for what you have achieved and go back to the project later.

Some days you just discipline yourself to do the best you can.

affectionately yours, Laura

Gratitude 19May17 Falling in Lust

apple computerI had to go to the Apple store at the Mall of America this week to get my cell phone fixed. While there I fell in lust with their desktop computer. It is an incredible piece of technology. It is a stand-alone machine in a 21.5″ monitor, with a blue tooth keyboard and mouse.

As I stood admiring this sleek silver machine, looking like the heart-eyed emoji, it occurred to me that I have been falling in lust often lately.

Not quite love. Just that craving of something for no good reason other than wanting it. got lustLike being at Candyland and wanting the big bag of Chicago Mix and having my kidney sodium warning alert send the message “small bag.” Or binge watching When Calls The Heart specifically to see Constable Jack Thornton.

I have a rule. For purchases I make that are not on my “I need” column, I have a 24-hour waiting rule. Right now, an Apple desktop would be one of those items. I sleep on it, let reality settle in, and make my decision. Let’s just say my 2007 eMachine is still on my desk this morning!

Today I am thankful

  • I am trying really hard to be grateful for more rain today.
  • I am excited to spend time with my long-time friend, Terri.
  • I am praying diligently for nice weather on Sunday for Grama picture day.
  • The downloading of my pictures is moving along.

The bag of popcorn is easy; Daniel Lissing is another thing. But, that’s it, right? We see things we want, and we prioritize what is doable and what is fallling in lust. But, damn, that lust is sure fun.

affectionately yours, Laura

Gratitude 18May17 Knowledge is Power

library overnightI have always loved words. In any media or format. I can easily get lost for a few hours in a Barnes & Noble. You’ll find me with a couple of magazines, books, and a beverage in one of their comfortable chairs.

I like to research. In my professional life I did training and process development. It has stayed with me. That need to know things. It doesn’t matter what the topic – if it interests me – I like to learn about it.

Today I am thankful

  • My lily of the valley is still blooming
  • It’s Scandal night
  • I am thankful

It’s the concept of knowledge is power. For me it opens up choices. It opens my mind to see other aspects of issues. Also, when you have an understanding of something, it takes away the confusion and fear of the unknown.

Words. So simple; so regal.

affectionately yours, Laura