Gratitude 27April17 Your Kiss

There are many things a body can fake. Being the amazing machine it is, we can make a smile look genuine, a wink look flirtatious, or an addicted body function at normal capacity. 

Hell, people fake orgasms all the time. With Academy Award winning sound effects, like from the scene in When Harry Met Sally. Well, I heard that from a friend. 

But, very few people can fake the connection of a kiss. 

There is a depth of intimacy to a kiss. For me, personally, there are several kinds of kisses.

First, there’s a one-of-a-kind kiss that sends a crazy lightening jolt through you to your toes, and while you’re in the moment your mind is screaming “Red alert! This isn’t a drill! Get ready for launch.” You silently hope your body isn’t steaming anywhere if this is your first kiss.

Or, the second kind. You feel like you stepped into a tub of lukewarm bath water. Pleasant, comfortable, and polite. You’re thinking “Okay, this isn’t bad. I kind of like the feel of this. Not too forceful or slobbery. I wonder what time the playoffs start? Are the Warriors on? Or the Cav’s tonight? Do I have a chance to finish that blog before bed? Oh! Damn, he’s still kissing me.” 

And lastly there is the kiss that for numerous reasons before it comes in or if it makes an unfortunate lip-to-lip connection, your internal voice is screaming “Duck, dodge, bob, weave to the left, to the right. And you make a swift stage left exit.

There is a reason people who sell sexual favors don’t kiss. It is that raw human exchange of emotion in a kiss. You can add a few moans and creative tongue twists. But, human chemistry has a life of its own.

You can’t fake that unexplainable dynamic when the conduit of a kiss is in full force.

Today I am thankful

  • It was a busy and productive day.
  • I am researching for an upcoming article. I always like a challenge.
  • Despite the dreary rainy day, I am looking forward to May flowers.
  • Happy Birthday to our Annie

In the infamous words of Prince, “I just want your extra time and your kiss.”

affectionately yours, Laura

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