Gratitude 18April17 Feminism 101

I am reading a fascinating essay by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie called “We Should All Be Feminists.” Her premise throughout, which turned into a small book, is focused on the stereotypes that come with the label feminist

“I am a feminist. And when I looked up the word in the dictionary that day, this is what it said: “Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

All of my life I have actively participated in women’s rights and activities. I never gave much thought to the harm or innocuous nature of a title or lack of. Be it advocate, activist, or feminist. 

While in college, I minored in Women’s Studies. At the time, the buzzword wasn’t to be a feminist. We were activists for women’s rights. My memories were more of fighting for rights of sexual liberation, control of our bodies with birth control, and women’s independence rights.

It was just in 1979 that it became law a man could not rape his wife. Put that in context — 38 years ago a husband could legally rape his wife as his property. But, I digress. 

Somewhere in my Pandora box of long ago treasures, I have a Gloria Steinem tee shirt that said Girl Power with her fist raised. ✊🏼 Now, I have my pink pussy hat, i came here to see women rise hoodie and my This is What a Feminist Looks Like tee shirt. 
My standard outfit for marching and participating in rally’s and how I identify myself has changed over the years. Lol. 

Like Adichie, I believe the word feminism in and of itself got a bad rap. When in reality, feminism references and it has no innduendu or hidden agenda other than a woman who believes in equality for all.  

Today I am thankful

  • I love everything about being a woman.
  • Netflix. I am becoming a binge series watcher! 
  • Isn’t it lovely to finally welcome Spring? I even welcome the rain.
  • I am hoping to score a ticket to Wicked. Bucket list item.

I take great pleasure in the combination of my femininity and strength. 

And, like anything positive in life, change begins with each one of us. Adichie writes,   “And this is how to start: we must raise our daughters differently. We must also raise our sons differently.”

affectionately yours, Laura 

*forgive grammatical errors, written on my cell*

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