Gratitude 11April17 Power of Perception

The power of perception. That need to gather data and store it in our brains in a way that conforms to who we are as individuals. Often when that data is not what we want, our minds will “rewrite” the data to accommodate and comfort us. It becomes our new reality.

Perception has much greater power than truth. It involves the morals, boundaries, and beliefs of a person. You can show them pictures, videos, and present witnesses and still, they will hold firm to their perception.

7b28ebeceabe0eaa492f2e70f982846eIt’s all in how you look at the situation from your perspective.

We see it in our families. We see it in our legal system. We see it in our political environment. And yesterday we witnessed it when we saw a man dragged off an airplane.

“We know what you think you saw. But, that isn’t really what you saw.” Or “I know you think that happened. But, it’s not. Trust us. Not Yourself.” 

Today I am thankful

  • I am going to visit a favorite uncle this afternoon.
  • A couple of restless nights of vivid dreams has me wondering if it’s not this crazy pink moon tonight.
  • Thinking of a family member who recently moved. Sending love and good wishes.

Viktor Frankl, a famous Jewish psychiatrist, wrote in his book Man’s Search for Meaning” that “A human being is a deciding being. Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

affectionately yours. Laura

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