Gratitude 24March17 Death Warmed Over

It’s been a rough week. A struggle with a bout of depression, coupled with a psych medication change, has had me sleeping or walking around in a blur. 

Yesterday I  was devastated when I couldn’t get myself together. But, today I rallied — feeling like death warmed over — got it together to do the last bit I could to save my health and mental health care. After all the calls, letters, marches — I had to at least give one more hour before the vote. 

After I was done, I climbed back into bed knowing I had done my best. I woke to a text from my daughter “Healthcare bill withdrawn.” I turned on television to watch the announcements. 

There is no joy. It’s a reprieve.

Today I am thankful 

  • I have healthcare.
  • Very thankful for those who support me.
  • Light is slowly coming back into my world.
  • I am a #gratefulsurvivor

As I finish this and head back to bed, my mind is already thinking of calls, postcards, and letters. It will be up to the people to hold their representatives accountable to maintain our current healthcare.

Not today, though. 

affectionately yours, Laura

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