Gratitude 7March17 “Mother, What on earth?”

Birthdays have never bothered me. Until this one. It was the number. Sixty. It has been the reality staring back at me in my mirror. It definitely has been been my body talking back to me. “You want me to go into that yoga position, why?” 

All of the above had me dragging myself into my sixty year decade. I remember thinking in my younger years “I wonder what old people do?” I am happy to inform the younger generation, we are doing everything you are doing. Maybe, a little better with experience. 

Today I am thankful 

  • What a fabulous weekend I am recovering from.
  • I love my blue chaise couch and my blanket..
  • My new Kat Martin mystery. 

This weekend I came to peace with this whole sixty business. A lot of writing , a long walk, and a plan in place.  And here’s what it all came down to for me.

I am content. I am at peace with myself. I do everything I can to be healthy. I have family and friends that love and support me unconditionally.  I may not have all I want. Yet, I have all I need. 

I am filled with gratitude that God has blessed me so abundantly to be sixty.

And I intend to be that older woman who after a random Instagram post, gets that call from her daughter asking “Mother, what in the world?”

affectionately yours, Laura

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