Gratitude 31January17 Pretty Little Purses

14980647_1687175238247018_5088789618090349690_nThis Valentines season I am showing my love by donating to a charity for homeless women called Pretty Little Purses. I first became aware of the non-profit after reading a blog by the founder, Cindy Boynton.

Boynton’s story of a personal encounter with a homeless woman, and how that inspired her to make a difference — touched me.

The mission of Pretty Little Purses is to provide homeless women with essential items of hygiene such as — lotion, tissue, chapstick, tampons, hand sanitizer — and put them in a purse for use.

Also, within each purse comes a handwritten note from the person donating with words of encouragement and hope. Boynton’s outreach is to not only provide tangibles to the women but, empower them as well.

Pretty Little Purses had their first event in December and it was a great success. Over fifty purses were given to women at Sarah’s homeless shelter in uptown Chicago. Each purse contained twelve essential items to include gloves and scarves for the cold weather.

This amazing non-profit is hosting another event in partnership with The Female Condition on Valentines Day. I have attached the links to the founder’s blog article and Pretty Little Purses Facebook website.

Today I am thankful

  • Praising God for the light in my world.
  • Some of my tasks are done.
  • Sometimes you have to accept that you do the best you can.
  • A month closer to warm weather.

Pretty Little Purses is always seeking donations to assist homeless women in need. I encourage you to give. Think about what you have in your purse. A homeless woman can only dream of those items. Please contact

affectionately yours, Laura



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