Gratitude 27January17 Right or Wrong

im-right-guest-bloggersThere was a time in my life when it was important to me to be right. If nothing else in my world of insecurity, if I held a position that I felt was right, I went for it. Often, at the detriment of being offensive. But, like a dog with a bone, I often simply would not let the issue go till I felt I proved myself beyond a reasonable doubt.

The older I get, the less important it is to be right. 

No one likes to be wrong, I get that, yet, in the big scheme of things — how important is it to be right? I look at what we are dealing with in our world with all of the different views and ideas. I think it is more important to be open, compassionate, and willing to embrace all views as possibilities.

Today I am thankful

  • I watched a biography on Netflix, Iris, and loved it!
  • Minor car damage after an accident with a snowbank.
  • Marching for Standing Rock today.
  • I am feeling blessed
  • My babies. Lou.Jaz.Sant.Lu.

My theme this year is moderation in all aspects. That includes my choices. I don’t have to attend every challenge I am invited to.

affectionately yours, Laura

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