Gratitude 18January17 Why I March

img_3023What began as a protest march against the recent presidential election, quickly grew into something much greater and symbolic for women.

Saturday, I will proudly be one of the thousands of women across America participating in the Women’s March on Washington here in Minnesota.

The platform on which the march is based is an ambitious 4-page statement that extends to multi-facets of every woman’s life around the country. It is written to encompass all races, religions, and existing movements in play today.

It sends a powerful message to women — Now is the time to come together.

img_3022Why am I marching?

I am marching for the rights of my daughter, my granddaughter and grandson’s future.

I am marching because women’s rights are human rights. I am marching for women’s rights around the world. I am marching for all the women who do not realize what they have lost yet.

I am marching because the president-elect who exhibits a blatant disrespect of women and unrepentant misogynist attitude will take control of our country this week. 

Today I am thankful

  • My “To Do” list is almost done.
  • My banana-peanut butter smoothie was really good.
  • All the people in my life I love with all of my heart.

img_3010While I am marching in Saint Paul, my daughter will be marching in Washington. An estimated 370 different events and 700,000+ participants will take place across this great country of ours.

I am so proud we will be part of this moment of herstory.

affectionately yours, Laura



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