Gratitude 9December16 Research, Process, and Accept

lifes-challengeWhen I fear something, my tendency is to panic before I face the challenge head-on. As illogical as that sounds, and my logical brain tells me that, my emotional brain usually wins out. Which I guess explains the medication.

Then I go about researching, learning, and finding my peace with whatever the challenge is ahead of me. Through that process of education and exploration, it takes away the unknown element and fear. It calms the emotional brain. It allows logic to provide the reality of checks and balances.

It’s the reason I love words. The challenge of explaining the complexity of something to the simplicity of anything. It is why I am content researching topics online for extended periods of time. Process Development and Training was my job, and I miss it with all of me.

I wrote a blog earlier this week that generated a lot of attention. I bbkingwrote in raw terms about my fear. The words formed in print expressed my panicked mind frame with the realities of my life added to it.

As a person who needs to research, process and find acceptance. I began that journey as a continuance to that blog and I found some interesting data.

With every budget cut and change that comes out of Washington, that affects me, I want to know how I will be affected. That takes away the fear. I can prepare. So, in addition to my commitment writing letters, and getting involved in local government. I was comforted by what I found.

  • Percentage of households led by a single mother with children under age 18 living in the U.S. in 2015, by the state. (they will be losing their head of household credit on taxes) .. Top 5 – Louisianna, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia *Minnesota #41
  • The Top 5 states receiving the most in federal aid as a percentage of their general revenue.(It was announced states not in line with Trump agenda would begin losing federal funding beginning early 2017 including housing)  2016’s Most & Least Federally Dependent States Top 5 Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee *Minnesota #43
  • 7 States With the Most People on Food Stamps (Paul Ryan just announced this program will have 23 billion cut from it) Mississippi, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana *Minnesota #46
  • Top 10 States With the Highest Number of Medicare Beneficiaries. (Paul Ryan has announced privatization of Medicare) California, Florida, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania *Minnesota couldn’t find ranking
  • States with the Most Americans on Disability (With a change to the Social Security program will come a differential to those on disability) West Virginia (9% of all working age population of state receives disability), Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi *Minnesota couldn’t find a ranking
  • 5 States with the Most Social Security Recipients (Will affect all if SSI is privatized) Alabama, Arkansas, Maine, West Virginia, Vermont *Minnesota couldn’t find ranking
  • Here’s a Ranking of the Most Heavily Armed States in the US (Just in case this all goes to hell, and there’s a revolution or civil war) Wyoming, Washington, DC, Arkansas, New Mexico, Virginia *Minnesota #26
  • These States Have the Most to lose with an Obamacare repeal  California, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Washington, Pennsylvania *Minnesota #42

our-destinyToday I am thankful

  • There is always hope.
  • Revamping my budget for the umpteenth time this month.
  • Tonight the Holiday Train is coming to town! Yay!

It is going to be a rough ride for a while. I take comfort in knowing I am a #gratefulsurvivor. And a reminder to myself, in my hardest and darkest times, is when I have been my strongest. #diamond

affectionately yours, Laura


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