Gratitude 17November16 My Christmas List

I swore this Christmas I was only going to buy for my two christmas-bucket-listgrandbabies. That was it. And my best friend,  because her black Santa ornament is a tradition of many years. And a little something for my grandbabies moms because they are so good to me. Well, I decided to make a present for someone special. Then I saw these bath bombs that I know my friends would love. I saw this coffee cup my baby girl would think was fun online.

You see where I am headed, right? My Christmas list has gone from two and is growing. It’s that whole Christmas vibe when you get out in the store or even online. It is that store’s job to make you buy before you leave. Only the Lord and I know how many times Barnes&Noble have gotten me in their store with that 20% off coupon email.

saleIt pulls you in and makes you want to buy and give. I know in my head that it is commercialism. But my impulse says “Buy, Laura, buy!” We live in a society that is driven by material items. It equates things with love. The bigger the gift, the deeper the love. The bigger the diamond. The more expensive the toy. The brand name of the purse.

I don’t want that anymore. My bank account tells me I can’t afford that. Every year January is a budget nightmare of catch-up. This morning I did the hardest thing and crossed names off my list of gift giving. It had nothing to do with nice or naughty, it simply had to do with my heart and reality.

I will not be sending picture Christmas cards. It seems to be a lostlaura-xmas-2014-1 Christmas tradition. Every year I faithfully mail one, and every year I get more and more replies via text, email, and Facebook. There are no more personal handwritten notes that say I took the time to connect with you. The thing is, the gift of card sending is a financial and time expensive venture to do.

I am determined this year to get back to what Christmas is supposed to be. A way to express the gratitude and love you have for someone through a thoughtful gift. It may be a cup of coffee, a movie, or something I made. But, I guarantee you — it will come with all of my love.

Today I am thankful

  • My laundry is clean for the week.
  • My mascara ran. Can I count that as exercise?
  • Time today with a woman I love and adore.

There is a saying “Remember the reason for the season.” The ultimate gift. The way God gifted us with His son.

affectionately yours, Laura


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