Gratitude 8November16 Your Vote Does Matter


I woke up early this morning feeling excited. I turned on my television, fired up my Keurig, and with iPhone in hand, began reading the electoral college maps.

If you are waking up and thinking “My vote doesn’t matter; I am going to sit this one out.” “Both of these candidates suck, I am not going to vote” or, “I think I will vote, but, write in my mother-in-law’s name.” I am asking you to re-think that this morning.

women-voteYour vote matters. To vote is a privilege as a citizen of the United States of America. No one should ever take that for granted. Americans throughout history have fought for your right to mark that ballot with your choice. Take the time today to make your voice heard – no choice – is a choice.

Your life in the next four years will be affected in some way by those that are elected today. Take a minute to go online and look up an issue that is important to you. Compare the two candidates positions. It matters.

Today I am thankful

  • I am a citizen of the greatest nation on earth.
  • I voted!
  • I am spending time with people I love.
  • Today there are blue skies and the sunshine.

Every time I vote, I remind myself as a woman I didn’t always have this right. It makes me feel all the more empowered as I proudly put my “I Voted” sticker on.

Make your voice heard. No choice -is a choice. Get out and vote.

affectionately yours, Laura



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