Gratitude 27October16 The Gift of Goodbye

your-destinyEvery now and again I have to play this video of TD Jakes called The Gift of Goodbye. Sometimes I need to play it several times.

I need reminding that when people’s part of your story is over, it is over. It doesn’t mean anyone is wrong. It just means their part is over. Even super glue cannot keep someone with you who is not intended to be with you. “Nothing just happens.”

I am someone who will hang on till my knuckles are white. I call, text, send messages  —  all to ask for time with people — silence is all I hear. And I am hurt. Those who want you in their life will make time for you. I internalize that rejection.

I will grieve the loss of a relationship till I am questioning my self-worth. Am I a bad person? Maybe I am toxic? I better take some quizzes on the internet to be sure.

I need to be reminded to stop begging people to love me, to stay, for some time, to forgive me; I need to reaffirm my gift of goodbye.

Today I am thankful

  • My heartbeats.
  • My best friend is on Facebook 🙂  Thank you K-Doo
  • Snuggling up with a new book tonight

When people can walk away from you, let them walk. Wish them a blessed, healthy, and happy life. And be on your way.

affectionately yours, Laura

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