Gratitude 18October16 The Naked Candidates

After the Donald Trump naked statues appeared across the nation, I knew it would not be long for a Hillary Clinton statue to appear. Today, it came true in Manhattan, New York.

trump-2I am saddened by the response to the statues. I am no fan of The Donald, but, there was a distinct difference in the way the two were perceived by the public.

When the Donald Trump statue appeared it quickly became a hot spot as people lined up to take selfies with it. There was no outrage. The fact that the likeness was made without testicles and a very small penis were a laughing matter. No protests were apparent.

Even the New York Parks Department got a dig in by issuing the following “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.” It was removed on the grounds that an artist didn’t have a valid permit to set it up.

hillarystatueembedFast forward to today when a Hillary Clinton statue appeared. A woman who owned the store the statue was placed in front of — literally pushed down the Hillary statue in outrage and sat on it — refusing to allow the artist to put it back up.

Crowds quickly began to gather and take sides for freedom of expression of the artist and helping the woman. Unlike Trump, Clinton’s genitalia was covered with a thong. No one was lining up for selfies.

At this time, the New York Parks Department has not released a statement. New York Police required the artist, Antonio Scioli, to remove the Clinton statue because he did not have the required permits to set it up.

The blatant differences in the greetings of these two events can not be ignored. I would think the reactions would be flipped, being liberal and conservative. Clinton’s liberal crowd being more open to nakedness and seeing the satire of it all. And Trump’s conservative crowd the shocked ones. Obviously, that is not the case. Bottom line, Trump, and Clinton are deserving of equal respect.

Today I am thankful

  • My Mom has been in heaven for 10 years today. I am thinking of her.
  • Time with my bestie
  • My new Queen coffee cup — I just like it so much
  • Paperwork is almost done — yuck

I can’t help but wonder if this is a reflection of the 22 days to come. As I talk to my women friends, we are all feeling a protectiveness of each other and empowerment from the exposure of the “pussygate” tape. The last week or so of media coverage has brought forth the conversation of male entitlement to women’s bodies. Women are protecting each other and bonding together. We are saying “no” louder than ever. I digress. Another blog for another day.

affectionately yours, Laura



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