Gratitude 12October16 Homeless with Shopping Cart

shes-off-her-medsHalfway into my therapy appointment today, my therapist looked at me with bewilderment and surprise. I was telling her that I was convinced, no matter who won the presidential election, I was destined to be a homeless woman with a shopping cart.

I am positive that I am going to lose my benefits, I won’t be able to afford my medications, which will make me really crazy.

I told her I was scoping out friends and families backyards and measuring shopping carts at different stores to see who has the largest one to hold the most of my stuff. I was wondering if I should buy clothes in camouflage colors in case the whole backyard situation didn’t work out.

She told me, as calmly as she could, I wasn’t the only one to feel this heightened sense of anxiety over this presidential election. Well, she did ask if I was taking my medications, but, never mind. What I am experiencing is what therapists and counselors are calling Election Stress Disorder.

for-the-dogs“Who are you voting for?” the five most dreaded words since, well, the last two elections. At least the elections with Obama I was floating along with the happiness of the hope and change message. This campaign –both candidates — is like being in a haunted house.

You are constantly on edge not knowing what is going to be leaked or what tape is going to be exposed. As the electorate, we the people, in order to keep informed are on an emotional rollercoaster. What is Wikileaks going to post today? Or are the tapes from The Apprentice finally going to surface?

Psychology Today has a good article on Election Stress Disorder. It would cause me additional stress to break it down for you, so here is the link:

Today I am thankful

  • Despite it all, there is no other country I would rather live in than the U.S.of A.
  • I have made a no politics tonight commitment
  • I am ready for the new episode of #QueenSugar
  • My new blanket from Sam’s Club
  • My best friend is back in town! Yay

I concede, yes, my imagination is vivid. Chances are you won’t find me with a Cub (they do have the biggest) shopping cart, homeless, camped out in your backyard after the elections. But, just in case, I will be taking red wine donations.

affectionately yours, Laura



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