Gratitude 10October16 Wandering Bill

trustI have had significant others who cheated. They are all ex-significant others now. I have been the “other” woman. Another blog, for another day. Once the trust broke, you could not put the relationship back together with super glue. And I tried diligently.

None of my exes were the President of the United States. None of them paid $850,000 to make an affair go away. None of them got their dick sucked in the Oval Office. None of them used a cigar to masturbate their young mistress. At least not to my knowledge. And that is just the icing on the cake where Bill Clinton is concerned, his sexual escapades he is accused of during his marriage is long and torrid.

Do I have respect for a man who did this to his significant other? No. Do I support his significant other who has chosen to stay with his cheating ass? The best I can. Her choice. She has to sleep with him, not me.

Some challenge Hillary’s reaction to Bill’s cheating. I and many who have been cheated on can attest it is equivalent to going through the stages of death and dying — denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance — whether your partner is the president of the free world or a janitor, you still deal with the matters of the heart.

Most of us process through the stages in our pajamas with a pint of Ben & Jerry Chunky Monkey, Hillary did it in the media, quoted at every stage.

choseDoes it make me respect her any less? No. Every person chooses their path. Is this a reflection of her judgement of character? No. A man can be an intelligent man with a wandering dick. After all, let’s look who Hillary is running against, a wandering dick who also grabs pussy.

Why do women stay with men who cheat? There are many reasons. Foremost, love. That emotion that has no logic — it just is. The fear of being alone. Women are nurturers, and it is their nature to suffer themselves to keep a family together. Financial, also, plays a large dynamic on a woman who is dependent on a man.

None of the above reasons seem to justify why Hillary would stay with Bill. She is an independent woman. Chelsea is an adult with her family. And I would guess her bank account has multiple zeros after the million dollar place holders.

While watching the debate last night, I wondered as Trump so blatantly used Bill as his “Trump card” So, why not drop Bill and get rid of a headache?

If the articles and books over the years are to be believed, it was Hillary’s mother, her role model who swayed her decision. Her mother who taught love and loyalty, and as Clinton often quotes her mother’s “you don’t quit” motto. Hillary refused to give up her marriage.

Today I am thankful

  • Pumpkin creamer
  • Crisp fall air
  • Flannel sheets on my bed

In the infamous words of Tina Turner “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Obviously, for Hillary, everything. I would have kicked him to the curb a long time ago.

affectionately yours, Laura




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