Gratitude 4October16 On Kim’s Side

Well, Hell has frozen over. I am writing a blog on Kim Kardashian West that is positive.

I must admit, as the news of the Kardashian West robbery initially broke out of Paris, I thought, “Seriously? I don’t believe this.This is rating’s gold.” However, as the story has revealed itself, I feel great empathy for her and what she is going through.

kim-kardashian-engagement-ring-close-upIf the details are to be believed, five men dressed as police captured her doorman at gunpoint, made him open the apartment where Kim was staying. They then proceeded to her bedroom where she was sleeping. Kim woke up and was confronted by the gunmen who took her cell phone, zip tied her hands and feet, taped her mouth shut, placed her in a bathtub and locked her in the bathroom.

(Picture credit: Getty Images)

Unbeknownst to the thieves, Kim’s stylist was in a downstairs bedroom. When she heard the noise, she locked herself in a bathroom and when she was unable to get through to Paris’s 911, called Kim’s bodyguard, who was with her sister Kourtney and Kendall at a nightclub. Meanwhile, before help could arrive, the burglars made off with — on bikes — depending on which article you read, between $6-10 million dollars of Kardashian West’s jewelry.

It bothers me that I am reading Kim should have “know better.” She shouldn’t have shown off her jewelry on her social media sites or worn the jewelry out in public. That by “flashing” her jewelry, she was asking for trouble.

I beg to differ. It reminds me of the horrible label and assumption that rape victims have struggled against for years. “Well, you did have a sheer tank top and short skirt on.” You are not asking for any crime to be committed against your being by what you have on or wear. I challenge that. That is sick entitlement thinking.

If anything, Kardashian West and family will want to up their insurance and security game. It is quite apparent the stock price on who they are and what they are worth has just gone up.

For a family with a love/hate relationship with the paparazzi, it is going to be one media and security circus, and a very expensive nightmare to keep everyone safe and secure. How do you allow groups of people to follow you everywhere, yet, keep yourself safe at the same time? Time will tell.

Today I am thankful

  • I indulged myself with a good book and a nap this afternoon.
  • Revamping some relationship boundaries – hard but necessary.
  • I got some of my fall decorations out. I like my things.
  • Tonight is the Vice Presidential Debate – Lovely.

I can’t imagine the insecurity Kim must be feeling. My second thought was to her children; she often travels with them. Fortunately, they were with Kanye in New York. Money, wealth, and celebrity status can not buy away the fear or memories that an armed robbery leaves behind with the victim. I am on Kim’s side with this one. She did not deserve this.

Can I make a prediction? After all of this robbery drama settles down, Momma Kris is going to negotiate the screen rights with E! for a made-for-television movie starring the Kardashians. It is just in their nature to take an unfortunate situation and turn it into dollars gold.

affectionately yours, Laura



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