Gratitude 29September16 McD’s has an App

img_2136It is fall, and I am into all things pumpkin mode. I headed into McDonald’s drive-thru for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I like going to McD’s because when you buy one of their coffees, you get a sticker that you put on a card. After you get five stickers, you get a free coffee. It’s the little things in life that make you happy, right?

So, I get my coffee, and I am anticipating my pumpkin spice latte and — wait for it — my fifth sticker. I start to drive away and get to the end of the driveway, look at my cup, no sticker! I had a car behind me, so I drive around to the other side of McD’s to thoroughly search. Nope. No sticker.

Thinking this must be some mistake, I go thru the drive-in again by passing the ordering station. I get to the window, and this is the exchange:

  • Me: There seems to be a mistake. There is no sticker on my coffee.
  • Teenage McD Employee: We don’t have stickers anymore.
  • Me: Shocked. What happened to the stickers
  • TMcDE: We have an app now. You have to show your app every time.
  • Me: Where do I get an app?
  • TMcDE: (with a shocked look) Ahh, like, on your phone.
  • Me: Oh. Where on my phone?  (Car honks behind me)
  • TMcDE: Ma’am, (like I am some gray haired old lady, well, I am but .. ) you have to download it from the app store.
  • Me: Is it that apple store?
  • TMcDE: Nope. It’s like an app store. Do you know anything about your phone?
  • Me: (Indignant) I actively use Facebook and Tweet
  • TMcDE: (Rubbing non-existent chin whiskers) Do you have anyone who can help you? (cars honking)
  • Me: I will figure this out myself. (Giving him my best evil eye right eyebrow up look)
  • Me: What about my stickers? (I show him my saved card)
  • TMcDE: (Smiling) I guess you could come in and talk to the manager.
  • Me: Thank you, young man, you know my grandson works at McDonalds, too.
  • TMcDE: Great. Ma’am, people, are like, lined up.

Today I am Thankful

  • I had the best lunch and afternoon with a woman I love dearly
  • I am missing my Mom and Dad
  • It was all sunshine and blue skies today
  • I am once again finding a place of peace between my heart, head, and spirit.

I ended up paying for the order of the car behind me because I felt bad. And later I called McDonald’s to compliment the young man who helped me, despite the “Ma’am” calling. When did I graduate to the Ma’am stage? I now have the McD”s app loaded and ready for my next drive thru.

Never a dull day in my life of paradise.

affectionately yours, Laura


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