Gratitude 27September16 Ms. GPS

im-lostA sense of direction has never been my strength. The sun rises in the east, sets in the west? Nope. I still get lost. For some reason, I just have no sense of direction. I am one of those people you read about on the meme’s that turns down her radio so I can see better when I drive. That is me.

I have been called Miss Direction, lovingly, but not quite as a compliment. There was that family trip to Cragun’s that Aaron kept asking “Are you sure this is the right way?” and I kept saying “Of, course! Relax.” Meanwhile, we are playing games with the kids until Aaron says in his quiet but you are in trouble voice “Laura, we almost to the border of North Dakota.” Opps.

Now, my life has become so much easier with my friend and travel companion Ms. forwardGPS. Sometimes I key my destination in even when I know where I am going just to hear her. Yeah, I know. Don’t judge me. It’s just I  like to hear her say “Your destination is on the right side of the street.”

The best thing I like about her — is she does not complain if I miss a turn or go off course. She is not an irritating back seat driver. We all have one of those friends who will say “Well, I would have gone this way.” Ms. GPS will calmly say “Recalculating route.” and I smile thinking “Okay, we are taking the scenic route.”

Today I am thankful for

  • It has been a down day for me, but I am getting through it
  • My air conditioner is put away until next summer
  • This months paperwork is done and filed.
  • I am going to watch You’ve Got Mail tonight and drink wine

Well, Ms. GPS and I are off on another adventure. I am heading to an unknown destination with a certainty of a “recalculating route” on the way.

affectionately yours, Laura


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