Gratitude 14September16 Senior Yoga

I just came from my yoga class and still can’t stop giggling. For some reason today, everyone had gas. It’s not unusual for someone to pass gas every now and again, but today was crazy. Add that to my favorite guy who half way through class just lays down on his mat for a nap and starts to snore — it is pure entertainment.

yogaIt started with our stretches, then accelerated with the Warrior position and by the time we were on our mats for Cobra, we could have been an orchestra. In class, you never laugh, of course, because the strange positions of yoga will cause unusual body sounds. And being a senior yoga class of which I am the baby, it is just bad etiquette.

But today was flatulence city. Everyone must be making kettles of chili to welcome fall.  I barely made it to the door to leave before I started to laugh. It made my day.

Today I am thankful

  • It is a perfect Minnesota fall day
  • I have a roast in my crock pot
  • Thinking of my children and what a blessing they are

Enjoy your day and my wish for you is that you find something today to make you belly laugh. I forgot how wonderful it feels.

affectionately yours, Laura



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