Gratitude 29August16 Love to Hate

“People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” Nelson Mandela

mlkI have been reading a lot about hate lately. From a personal and social perspective. I am trying to understand what drives a person to such a place of vindictiveness. I understand some of the society issues of abuse and intolerance. I struggle with it. There are things in my life I don’t like — but, hate? I can’t say that. Just the word itself has such a negative connotation.

When you are obsessively over-the-moon in love with someone, or you loathe someone, it has the same effect. That person is always on your mind. By always being in your thoughts, you, in essence, are giving them your power. The more you give away, means you lose control of your ability to be rationally objective. At least with love, it is happiness, but with hate, it brings about a toxic reaction. Unlike love, which produces happy endorphins; hate can lead to severe health problems.

The difference between love and hate, as stated in the article Here’s What Your Brain Is Doing When You Really, Really Hate Someone by Esther Inglis-Arkell. “When we love someone, we shut off the part of our brain that judges – a trait that, we hope, has led to more happiness than sorrow. When we hate someone, we leave the judgment part of our brain a blazing.” Which explains why you cannot stand every little thing that person does that you can’t stand. And explains why when we are in the initial phases of romance we don’t notice his annoying habits.

mlk-quoteI truly believe children are not born hating. I do not believe we are born prejudice. I believe we are products of our environment. As children, then as adults, we hear, see, and learn from our role models and friends. We are influenced by what we hear in gossip, on television, Facebook, and on and on. In that, sadly — is very little about love and a whole lot of negative and hate. Often we don’t take the time to go to “the source” or “resource the true story” or we take the meme and post it and click. Sad isn’t it? Has it always been this way?

It pushed me here, to my gratitude blog. It has made me sort out some of the negative sources in my life. I am cognitively seeking out the positive in my world.

Today I am thankful

  • It was a productive day and I got much accomplished
  • I like my home so much, it gives me joy
  • Looking forward to seeing an old friend

I wish I had magic words to end this blog with. Soothing words on how to love everybody and stop all the hate. Maybe it just begins with each of us. And that will be my wish to each of you, I wish you, powerful love.

affectionately yours, Laura

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