Gratitude 11August16 Hair Control

Today I am thankful

  • Every day with Santi is a good day
  • Me 3    Fruit Flies 0
  • Paperwork is done! Yeah

waxing 4As a woman, I know that I have few options when it comes to controlling the growth of hair that covers my vagina. I can shave, use hair removal cream, wax, or just let it grow wild and free. I thought about this as I was shaving myself this morning in the bathtub doing a touch-up before going swimming this afternoon. And the thought occurred to me briefly to go wild and free as I banged my elbow again on the shower wall for the umpteenth time.

The issue of hair removal for women is not new. There are historical references that date back to ancient Egypt documenting the discovery of copper razors, and images of women with perfect little tiny pubic hair triangles were found, etched into stone. In the 30’s and 40’s as more skin showed, more hair disappeared. Fast forward to the 1960’s to the introduction of Playboy and freedom of pornography era where the hairless clean too perfect to be true vagina became the pussy of every man’s fantasies.

I believe it has taken that 50-year jump to today and the hit shows like Sex in the City episodes where Carrie and Samatha discuss her getting her Brazilian wax, for women to feel free just to talk about maintenance of their vagina appearance like they do a haircut. I say do what you and your va-jay-jay are comfortable with Boo. Do you.

wax 2Quoting from website, “The waxing industry is certainly trying to convince us that shelling out $40-$80 every four weeks is necessary. Surveys show that women will spend approximately $10,000 and the equivalent of over four months of their lives removing hair.” Now, that is a lot of cash to let someone inflict pain on you while instructing you to put your legs behind your ears or get on your hands and knees if you want to get the back side.

Speaking from personal experience, having delivered two babies natural childbirth, I thought how much pain could it be to wax myself at home? I would save some money. Slap on some wax, a few strips of gauze and be done with it. Well, after getting my ass stuck to the bathroom floor, leaving a piece of ass stuck to the bathroom floor, and having to waddle into the salon to have the gauze strips very painfully removed. I went to Target bought an electric razor and am now living happily ever after. The end.

affectionately yours, Laura

2 thoughts on “Gratitude 11August16 Hair Control

  1. This is 2 funny 😂 simply because I know you I can hear you laughing to yourself after it was over lol I just really started really reading your blog any way I can feel close to you is good for my inner parts 😍 I’m also ok with the distance …..The blog takes me on a roller coster ride into self it good really good … Proud to once be called your lil sis … Great job Laura


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