Gratitude 10August16 Keep Dancing

dance - CopyToday I am writing my 383rd blog on affectionately yours, Laura. I wrote my first blog on the 30th of September 2013 and since, I have had 13,163 blog views from 5,674 different visitors from 7 different countries across the world. Rather overwhelming when I think about it; beginning the adventure with a gratitude email blog with six dear friends in September of 2012.

For those of you who have been along with me during this long journey; my writing is eclectic in nature. The only common theme is to find within, whatever is going on, gratitude. To give thanks — that there is always something good in even the darkest of times.



Today I give thanks

Yoga was a challenge, but, I got through it
I have discovered Lipton Green Tea and am hooked
Today I am buying a new laptop and feel like a kid at Christmas

As my writing reflects my journey in life, I can not hide I am struggling. My father’s death has taken a toll on me. As those of you who have lost a parent can attest to, you think you are prepared, and discover you are not. Grief has opened an old wound. Required renewed forgiveness. Called forth to me to be a stronger woman. Has forced me to keep dancing despite the pain.

Writing heals me. It is what gives voice to the emotions that otherwise remain unspoken in my spirit. I would be writing this blog even if there was not one person on my email list. I write with my heart. I write because every single day I must keep myself accountable and in tune with what is good in my life and that there is so much to be grateful. It is that which keeps me thriving. It keeps me fighting depression. It keeps me standing firm and reminding myself I am a grateful survivor. If along the way someone says “I can relate to that. You helped me” It is a blessing. And my wish for you, keep dancing!

affectionately yours, Laura

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