Gratitude 4August16 I Forgive

I forgive. I forgive not for you. I forgive for me. I forgive because I choose to live in a world free of bitterness and hate. I forgive because the energy it takes to be cruel to someone is energy I can use in a better way. Despite your best scheme, scandal, rumor, and family you have turned against me. I forgive you.

The poison within that must consume someone must be a horrible burning fire. To ignore someone, to turn your back on another human being, to deny their very existence, and to ask people you love to join you in your quest of anger is an emotion that must cause one’s body to weaken and be sick. I don’t envy you. I pity you.

forgiveness 2I come to you with the understanding forgiveness is a two-way street. I am accountable for my bad choices that have affected many in negative ways. If I have harmed you, offended you. I will stand firm and own up to my failings. I have no fear of standing before you. I will not choose the bitterness.

Today I am thankful

  • God has blessed me in my pain with a strong support system
  • My coffee tasted extra good after my tequila splurge last night
  • The fresh rain breeze in my window feels amazing

ForgiveI have learned the lesson that granting forgiveness does not mean you remain in that toxic relationship. I have learned there will be forgiveness I will never receive and I can live with that. I know who I am. That is enough.

I love each of you. I am here if you ever want to reach out.

affectionately yours, Laura




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