Gratitude 2August16 It’s War!

I have declared war on the fruit flies in my home. I came to this decision, not lightly, being a pro-animal person — except for snakes. It all happened this morning while sitting there minding my own business, watching the news, when — I had a fruit fly do an Olympic worthy 10-rated dive into my coffee and was now leisurely doing the backstroke.

woman with fly swatterNow this battle has been going on for several weeks. I have done everything in my arsenal to get the situation under control. I wash all my fruit as soon as it enters my home. I keep said fruit in containers or in the fridge. Yes, I have tried all of the Pinterest remedies and the internet. Apple vinegar, Dawn dish soap, multi-layered of fruit juice covered with saran wrap — you name it — been there, done that.

Today was my personal day of reckoning. The coffee swimmer was now requesting a drink with an umbrella, two of his buddies flew by me circling. As I swatted unsuccessfully at them, the wise words of my best friend came back to me. “Windex those little bastards.” I thought “What the hell, it worked on everything in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” I raced for my kitchen for my Windex.

Today I give thanks

  • Appreciative of a wonderful long conversation last night
  • Thinking of friends: Marissa, Kathy H, Rochelle, Maureen
  • My new bedspread

I am happy to report that Windex does indeed drop those little bastards with a squirt. I will caution you of the negatives of this, though. Wherever you spray Windex, you must clean. I am not too pleased with that rather unpleasant side effect.

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