Gratitude 18April16 Color Me Calm

ColoringWhen I began noticing adult coloring books appearing at the bookstore I frequent, I laughed. “What will they think of next?” I thought, first. Then, pleasant memories of coloring as a child followed. I found myself in line, coloring book and pencils in hand at the checkout line.

This weekend, feeling stressed, I got out my coloring book and pencils. I sat and let the worries slip away as I became mindful and focused on filling in swirling patterns and lines of colors. I do not know what the psychology is of what makes it so calming, but, it works. For that time, my mind is free from all the worries and is free just to be calm.

Today I am thankful

  • For the little things
  • I do believe spring may really be here
  • Paperwork is done — relief!

Here is a really interesting website I found on adults who color. You might want to head out and get yourself a coloring book to go with that bottle of wine.

affectionately yours, Laura

10 Therapeutic Benefits of Coloring Books For Adults


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