Gratitude 14April16 Random Thoughts

Justs a few random thoughts,

I have my bi-annual dental cleaning this afternoon. Is it just me, or does everyone dread going to the dentist? The whole having your mouth poked and prodded with tools and mirror. Then the anticipation of the possibility for the need of drills or worse, further treatments. I am always so relieved to get my little bag with my new toothbrush and hear “See you in six months.”

12501790_1591715147818242_490263148_nI am maxed out on politics and can not imagine having to endure more of this till November. I understand what is at stake for our country and how important it is. Which makes it all the disheartening that we are dealing with the candidates was have to elect. Someone on CNN said it best, “It is about picking which poison you want to drink.”


I am not a Kardashian fan by any means, but if there was one I have liked over the years, it was Rob. At least I never got the sense that he would sell his soul for fame. And now he either is or is being manipulated to do so (which I tend to believe). I feel like I am watching a head-on car crash with his relationship with Blac Chyna being splashed all over the news these last several weeks. Talk about the black widow spider that kills her prey after she mates; we are watching it in action folks.

Today I am thankful

  • I got my steps in for the day
  • Disneys new movie Jungle Book is out today
  • Pasta for dinner


It is a beautiful 70-degree spring day in Minneapolis. I am off to enjoy it.

affectionately yours, Laura

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