Gratitude 29March16 Battles Worth Fighting

don't get me wrong


Not all battles are worth fighting. You have to weigh out the importance of the challenge presented. There are many factors to be considered. The source of the contention and the intent primarily. Resolution is a two-way street. Both sides have to be invested in the quality of the outcome.

I recently wrote about the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. One of the agreements is to not to take things personally. Unhappy people act out in ways that have nothing to do with you. Their actions often show a growing individual making their way through life’s obstacles. Their actions say much more about them than you. Your accountability is in your response.

Lately, for me, some battles are not worth fighting. Sometimes it is best to walk away and allow people space to grow. It does not make anyone the good person or bad person. It just is.

Today I am thankful

  • Day 1480 on my Wii Fit
  • I opened my living room window to let in some warm spring air
  • My storage room is cleaned and organized .. finally

Find the calm within. Don’t let the storms around you bring you down. Choose your battles wisely

affectionately yours, Laura

** revision 24Oct13

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