Gratitude 29February16 Minnesota Caucus

Tuesday, March 1st is Minnesota’s turn to have its voice heard in the upcoming presidential election. We will do that in the forum of a caucus. A caucus is not a primary. You can not vote with an early or absentee ballot. You must be present.

caucusA caucus determines how each political party allocates state delegates to the respective national conventions. Minnesota is not a winner-take-all state. Depending on the support and votes of the caucus, it will dictate the allocation of the delegate vote. It makes your voice essential. It is your American right to exercise.

To vote at a caucus, you will need to find your caucus location. Here is Minnesota’s sitecaucus vote to do so: — Caucus hours are from 7 pm to approximately 8 pm. To vote in the caucus, you must be eligible to vote in the presidential general election in November with a valid picture identification. You must live in the precinct which you are voting. All votes are private.

Today I am thankful

  • All that is in darkness will come into the light
  • Day 1446 on my Wii Fit
  • A balanced bank account. My love/hate relationship with money =)

Complainers beware — I have little time for those who complain about the state of our country if you chose to sit on your couch rather than take an active part in your democracy — Get involved, show up and get your vote counted and acknowledged. #proudamerican

affectionately yours, Laura

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