Gratitude 26February16 Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

I found the following posts on Pinterest today. They made me think about my yesterday, today, and tomorrow of giving gratitude and thanks for what I have in my life.

What ifWhat if I only had what I gave gratitude for yesterday? My mind quickly raced and thoughts of my blog, meditation, and prayers from yesterday filled me. What did I say thank you for? Give gratitude? And what if that was all I had today? I was relieved to remember I would have my health, family, and friends. I give thanks to God for that every day. The rest is just details and can readily be replaced.

Today, I will focus on being grateful. The more open and receptive you are; the more Attract gratefulthe universe opens up to you. Life isn’t always easy, but it is worthy of the struggle. Giving thanks for all things great and small is something I will focus on during my day today.

Today I am thankful

  • A delightful pedicure. OPI color “A Liddo Kiss”
  • A Minnesota heatwave this weekend in the 50’s!
  • Those in my life I love so dearly.

Blessings on the way

Today I will also make time to be grateful for my blessings on the way. In that I am assured, I will not have to wonder about the gratitude of tomorrow. Life is a series of habits. Make giving thanks a habit of every day.

affectionately yours, Laura

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