Gratitude 25February16 Water Blues

I have recently upped my fluid intake. And the reality of — what goes in must come out — has become my reality. It sucks. Unless it is for a luxurious bath, my least favorite place is the bathroom.

Sitting on ToiletWater is your body’s chemical component that makes up about 60% of your body weight. It is crucial in every system of your body. From providing moisture, delivering nutrients to cells and muscle, to flushing toxins, it is fundamental to your physical well-being.

The recommended amount to drink a day is around sixty ounces. While that seems a lot, it is, you should drink enough daily that you are rarely thirsty. Also, remember you can get fluids from fruits, vegetables, and other beverages.

The other “end” of drinking is urination or peeing. When you pee, you are eliminating the excess fluids of your body that contain excess water, salt, and waste removed from your blood by your kidneys. Your pee should not have an odor or color to it. An unspoken rule is, the darker your urine, the more you should increase your fluid intake. The output is as crucial as the input.

Today I am thankful

  • Blues skies and sunshine! Yay!
  • A really good night sleep. I should blog on sleeping again. It is so important.
  • Candles. They have a soothing effect on me. I just received a candle as a gift and I love it. Thank you, Lana.

Unfortunately, alcohol is not considered a healthy fluid alternative. So, that glass/es of wine at the end of the day does not count. Personally, I put out two bottles of 24-ounce water bottles every morning, and my goal is to have them both gone by the end of the day. I use artificial flavoring to help it go down easier. Happy drinking and peeing!

affectionately yours, Laura

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