Gratitude 15February16 My Day

I took today off. It started with a cancelled lunch date. After that text, I cancelled all my other appointments and commitments and I chose not to leave my home. Not because of any other reason, than, I needed time to myself.

I am learning the valuable life lesson of knowing when it is time to take care of myself.

e173c29d6b1e74eb2f65b98457b17f39Often in my life I have pushed through, thinking it made me a stronger woman. When I was clearly weary — I kept on keeping on to my own detriment and those around me. When I am not healthy spiritually, mentally, and body, not only do I suffer, those around me suffer as well. It is when we don’t take care of ourselves, someone else has to pick up our slack.

Today I am thankful

  • I value my home, my personal space
  • My writing is my outlet and tranquility
  • Music that soothes my soul

I have spent my day doing nothing. Channel surfing, reading, writing, and wandering my home were my highlights. Part of me, reminds me, of what I should be doing. The other part, tells me, choosing me does not make me weak or irresponsible, it makes me stronger.

Happy is the woman who can call her home a sanctuary of peace. I wander through my personal space and feel comfort. Within these walls are a place to rejuvenate and regroup. Tomorrow is another day; today is my day.

affectionately yours, Laura

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