Gratitude 8Februrary16 Like Today

It’s easy to write on a gratitude blog when life is cruising along. When my universe is aligned and centered despite the twists and turns. It is the times when life goes off track that makes finding gratitude a challenge.

broken angelWhen depression hits me hard, it is easy to get lost in the seduction of darkness. To look at life through a prism of blurred fog, and not see clearly the many things in my life to be grateful. There are so many daily things in my life I take for granted. On a day like today, when I am not feeling well, and my world is dark, I take a look at the simplest of daily tasks to give thanks.

It is when I am in the bathroom, and I think, “I am thankful for this warm shower water and my Philosophy soap.” Or I am feeling like I got run over by a truck and laying on my chaise thinking “I am so thankful for my television, cable, remote control.” As I snuggle in my bed for an afternoon nap, “I am so thankful for my favorite blanket and the lavender smell on my sheets.”

Today I am thankful

see-the-stars-wallpaperA day like today, it is hard to think and see clearly. I know tomorrow is coming. This will end. Until then, I dig deep and give gratitude for the gifts my God has blessed me with. #gratefulsurvivor #warrioragainstdarkness

affectionately yours, Laura

One thought on “Gratitude 8Februrary16 Like Today

  1. After the darkness comes the light. Remember, Angels don’t always fall from the sky..sometimes they emerge from within. Find you inner Angel and soar among the stars. I love you! Thelma


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