Gratitude 6February16

seize the dayI will rise again because it is my nature.
Somewhere deep within me is a warrior
unwilling to accept defeat.

It is that whisper that tells me to get up
every day, when I don’t believe I can.

Often I am underestimated in my analysis
and my intellectual capacity is called into question.
It gives me an advantage.

It is a fire in my belly that won’t let me give in to the
ordinary and settle for less.

I stand brave and solo rather than fearful and coupled.
Mediocrity has never been my style. I walk away before
settling for second place.

It is the need of keeping the past in place, the peace that keeps me thriving in the presence, the urgency to keep the future in sight.

I no longer choose to waste my words. Life is too precious and should not be degraded to anything but what it is. Never easy, however, necessary to empower, learn and find balance.

© 2014 llpeltier All Rights Reserved

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