Gratitude 1February16 Ain’t no Place for Sissies


While getting dressed this morning, I took a glance at the mirror and thought “When did that happen?” as I noticed the sagging above my knees. I guess that is the least of my body changes, as everything heads south.

What comes to mind is Bette Davis’s quote “Growing old ain’t no place for sissies.” On that, she was on point. There is something about facing your mortality as it comes creeping around the corner. As your possible years on the spectrum of an average life span become significantly less than what you have already lived.

What the HellWhat I do believe is as I mature — life is getting simpler. I say what I mean how I mean it. The need to impress has significantly decreased. I see wrinkles as a reminder of all my life experiences that have made me the woman I am today. The need to be at peace with myself is highly apropos. When I am content, everything else falls into place.

Today I am thankful

  • Lou, Jaz, Santi, Lucy
  • The presidential campaign officially begins today
  • My coffee is “extra” good this morning

Aging isn’t for sissies, though. With it comes the challenges that a younger person has yet to face. The change of body, careers begin to come to an end, the change of family structure as “empty nest” is a nuance to some. We begin to experience the change of the guard as significant people end their life journeys. It is truly the circle of life. #aginggracefully #gratefulsurvivor

It is a life to be lived filled with gratitude at each precious stage.

affectionately yours, Laura

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