Gratitude 29February16 Minnesota Caucus

Tuesday, March 1st is Minnesota’s turn to have its voice heard in the upcoming presidential election. We will do that in the forum of a caucus. A caucus is not a primary. You can not vote with an early or absentee ballot. You must be present.

caucusA caucus determines how each political party allocates state delegates to the respective national conventions. Minnesota is not a winner-take-all state. Depending on the support and votes of the caucus, it will dictate the allocation of the delegate vote. It makes your voice essential. It is your American right to exercise.

To vote at a caucus, you will need to find your caucus location. Here is Minnesota’s sitecaucus vote to do so: — Caucus hours are from 7 pm to approximately 8 pm. To vote in the caucus, you must be eligible to vote in the presidential general election in November with a valid picture identification. You must live in the precinct which you are voting. All votes are private.

Today I am thankful

  • All that is in darkness will come into the light
  • Day 1446 on my Wii Fit
  • A balanced bank account. My love/hate relationship with money =)

Complainers beware — I have little time for those who complain about the state of our country if you chose to sit on your couch rather than take an active part in your democracy — Get involved, show up and get your vote counted and acknowledged. #proudamerican

affectionately yours, Laura

Gratitude 26February16 Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

I found the following posts on Pinterest today. They made me think about my yesterday, today, and tomorrow of giving gratitude and thanks for what I have in my life.

What ifWhat if I only had what I gave gratitude for yesterday? My mind quickly raced and thoughts of my blog, meditation, and prayers from yesterday filled me. What did I say thank you for? Give gratitude? And what if that was all I had today? I was relieved to remember I would have my health, family, and friends. I give thanks to God for that every day. The rest is just details and can readily be replaced.

Today, I will focus on being grateful. The more open and receptive you are; the more Attract gratefulthe universe opens up to you. Life isn’t always easy, but it is worthy of the struggle. Giving thanks for all things great and small is something I will focus on during my day today.

Today I am thankful

  • A delightful pedicure. OPI color “A Liddo Kiss”
  • A Minnesota heatwave this weekend in the 50’s!
  • Those in my life I love so dearly.

Blessings on the way

Today I will also make time to be grateful for my blessings on the way. In that I am assured, I will not have to wonder about the gratitude of tomorrow. Life is a series of habits. Make giving thanks a habit of every day.

affectionately yours, Laura

Gratitude 25February16 Water Blues

I have recently upped my fluid intake. And the reality of — what goes in must come out — has become my reality. It sucks. Unless it is for a luxurious bath, my least favorite place is the bathroom.

Sitting on ToiletWater is your body’s chemical component that makes up about 60% of your body weight. It is crucial in every system of your body. From providing moisture, delivering nutrients to cells and muscle, to flushing toxins, it is fundamental to your physical well-being.

The recommended amount to drink a day is around sixty ounces. While that seems a lot, it is, you should drink enough daily that you are rarely thirsty. Also, remember you can get fluids from fruits, vegetables, and other beverages.

The other “end” of drinking is urination or peeing. When you pee, you are eliminating the excess fluids of your body that contain excess water, salt, and waste removed from your blood by your kidneys. Your pee should not have an odor or color to it. An unspoken rule is, the darker your urine, the more you should increase your fluid intake. The output is as crucial as the input.

Today I am thankful

  • Blues skies and sunshine! Yay!
  • A really good night sleep. I should blog on sleeping again. It is so important.
  • Candles. They have a soothing effect on me. I just received a candle as a gift and I love it. Thank you, Lana.

Unfortunately, alcohol is not considered a healthy fluid alternative. So, that glass/es of wine at the end of the day does not count. Personally, I put out two bottles of 24-ounce water bottles every morning, and my goal is to have them both gone by the end of the day. I use artificial flavoring to help it go down easier. Happy drinking and peeing!

affectionately yours, Laura

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Gratitude 23February16 Winter Weight

I got brave this morning and plugged in my Wii game console to activate my Wii Fit Plus game. As much as I despise that damn game, it keeps me on track for fitness. A weigh in at the gym this week revealed since last September I have packed on an extra 12 pounds. “How could that be?” I wonder as I glance at the package of sugar donut holes next to my Keurig.

still beautifulI have the excuses for the weight gain. My need for comfort food during some trying times this winter. Winter, in and of itself, makes it very hard to motivate oneself. But the reality is, spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to get it together and in shape. Not only that, in truthfulness, I feel better when I am in shape and not carrying extra weight.

Today I am thankful

  • A conversation with my brother
  • The joy of opportunities
  • The simple pleasure of the smell of Amazing Grace

I will begin by making small changes. More water, additional walking, and watch what I eat. Keeping myself accountable with weigh-ins on my Wii Fit. And reminding myself, whatever I weigh, I am still me and beautiful.

affectionately yours, Laura

Gratitude 22February16 Snow Full Moon

Am I the only one, or does everyone feel a bit “off” when there is a full moon? I always feel a sense of being on edge with a touch of wanting to do something on the wild side. Today was one of those days, which prompted me to check the moon’s position. Sure enough, tonight is a full moon.

Full MoonFebruary’s full moon is named The Full Snow Moon; for a month which usually receives a healthy amount of snow. Native Americans also called this the Hungry Moon, if the snow kept them from hunting successfully. If you are a believer in astrology — it is referred to a Chaste Moon — a beginning of new things.

Today I am thankful

  • A delightful lunch with a wonderful friend
  • New book to read by Kat Martin
  • Happy Birthday to my nephew, Steve

Tonight I will be content to satisfy my wild yearning with a new romance novel and a good bottle of red wine. I wish you a delightful full moon evening.

affectionately yours, Laura

Gratitude 18February16 Answered Prayers

My manner of prayer has changed. It is a revelation from what I have been learning from Joel Osteen. A few weeks ago, during his sermon, he said “God knows your needs. Don’t turn your praying into a whining session. Give God your praise. Give thanks for what you want to be your reality.”

Our PrayersIn honest reflection, while I have put effort into meditation, I have not placed a priority on my prayer life. I am guilty of not praising. I complain, I whine, and I hope. I have become complacent as a person of prayer.

I have begun to make different choices about the way I pray. First, I get raw and real with my God. The One and only I can ultimately trust to share my most intimate thoughts. I have started to pray with a thankful spirit. Despite my circumstance, mood, or state of mind, I come before Him with a grateful heart. Some days are hard when I don’t understand. I hold firm to His promises to me.

I give gratitude every day in my journal and here. Rather than praying “God, I hope you will …” I now pray “God, thank you for ..” “God, I have nothing to fear, you know my future” I am claiming my blessings. I am claiming my greatest desires and dreams.

Today I am thankful

  • The gift of prayer and a being greater than I.
  • 31,940 steps in this week
  • Struggling. Taking it day by day. #gratefulsurvivor

I am going to the source of all and giving thanks and gratitude for all that is good in my life. It is a leap of faith. It has given me a renewed sense of peace.

affectionately yours, Laura

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