Gratitude 21January16 Random Act

I had the opportunity to do a random act of kindness today. Seeing the result made me feel really good inside.

It has been quite a while since I have done anything out of the ordinary for someone I did not know. Like anything in life, I believe you have to be aware and in the habit of looking for opportunities to do so. Lately, I have been wrapped up in my world and it is easy to forget what you put into the world is returned to you — that requires action.

kindnessThere are many benefits to paying it forward and simple acts of random kindness. The most powerful is that doing good and helping others impacts self-worth and self-esteem. It interrupts the dialog of negativity and releases positive energy. For me, it gets me out of my comfort zone and makes me feel I am doing something good in a world where our politicians are bombarding us with how horrible the country we live in is.

Today I am thankful

  • I went walking
  • I was able to make someone smile
  • Laundry for the week is done

Kindness is a boomerang

I want to get back into the habit of being able to do something extra for someone when I am able. Doing for others should not be a detriment to yourself. But, when you are able to gift someone, do so. As big as buying the next person in line their cup of coffee or as simple as giving someone a smile who is without one. I am hoping you will join me.

affectionately yours, Laura

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